Dear passenger!

Congratulations, you are one of the chosen ones who bandersnatched their way into this dungeon and slashed the Paxdemon. You have been blocked for the other option. Every person is assigned a number, get rid of yours.

  1. download either old brain or new brain version
  2. unzip folder
  3. enjoy
  4. get rid of your number
  5. enjoy other chopped brainhalf

May your search prove to be prosperous


THE ARTIST FELIX SCHAGER (STAGE NAME: DEF ILL) DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM EVERY LINE & TRIGGAWORD THAT COULD BE UNDERSTOOD AS PROVOCATIVE &/OR MISOGYN. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION. ALL LYRICS ON BOTH EP IMPLY A FICTIVE LOBOTOMIZED DEF ILL CHARACKTER IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. I apologize for the song "Mist" and I won't make excuses for lines that can't get justified, the big "JUSTIFICATION" that sexism is legit in rap as parody is wrong. I will never write something like this again, not even as a fictive lobotomized charackter. Still hope u guys/homegirls enjoy it.